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USS Kitty Hawk (CVA/CV-63)
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Museum Fund - SAVE OUR SHIP!

Shipmates and Friends:

As you all have heard, the Navy has determined that USS Kitty Hawk is destined to be scrapped, and has been determined as such since decommissioning in 2009. This is a big blow to all association members, all crew members, our families, and our nation as a whole. We have submitted the required paperwork to the Navy, but they did not consider it, since the ship was not available for donation hold. ​

As an alternative, we are trying to find a location to set up a USS Kitty Hawk museum. More details will be forthcoming, but association leadership is considering everything from a place on USS Midway on the West Coast to a building in Kitty Hawk, N.C. on the East Coast, and everywhere in between.


USS Kitty Hawk Veterans Association

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